Isn’t this beautiful? Mt. Ranier

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I’ve been mesmerized by beautiful images lately, some of which I see on Pinterest boards, so I started my own ‘bucket list‘ board of places I’d like to visit. This is one of MANY images of Mt. Ranier in Washington state stands over @14,400 feet and is the tallest peak in Washington State.

On this page, you’ll find sights that will take you (hopefully!) away from something we can never take a full holiday from, but maybe for a few short minutes there can be relaxation and we’ve talked about the benefits of relaxation on your immune system-before. Lupus may be a disease of exacerbations and remissions, but the exacerbations are real. Things like this inspiration column will help if you take ‘holidays’ from your daily routine on a regular basis.

Perhaps you’d like to ‘Google’ Mt, Ranier, get lost in the history or read an article or two about hiking in the area or learn about volcanos like Mr. Ranier. Whatever you’d like to do and see, Mt. Ranier lends itself to awe-inspiring study!



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