2 thoughts on “Is it so hard?

  1. Only an unwise and deluded person would boast that he could walk into a single hospital and pay the bills for everone currently admitted, if as a fact he was personally bankrupt, and owing debts already equal to the next two years of his salary. Then, he would be passed off a insane if he asserted he could also pay the bills for all future patients that would be admitted. Multiply that by every hospital in our country, and you have an unbelievable fantasy myth. Every man would be more likely to be able to pay their own bill.

    • I don’t like to veer at all on the political side on a healthcare blog, but people with chronic illnesses, pre-existing conditions can’t be denied coverage. That’s GREAT, but let’s say that most lupies now have health insurance where they didn’t have it before; I see that there’s NO WAY to pay it w/out increasing taxes, or decreasing the services-OR BOTH. How can you increase the numbers of insured, while still maintaining the same quality of care, the same access, GOVERNMENT running it-AND NOT INCREASING THE COST? People with pre-existing conditions will be COVERED AND INSURED, but will access be the same?

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