I had a Dream…

Most of us recognize this video and its message that obstacles can be overcome and replaced by dreams. Dream of what you’d love to have and set a goal.

But, success doesn’t come without a price. The stress ‘ of her meteoric rise to success ‘got to’ Susan Boyle as she chewed out reporters and police. She didn’t win the competition, “Britain’s got talent” in 2009, but she proved to the world that she could dream a dream…and succeed.

Most of us with a chronic illness have given up a dream, have experienced losses that most could never imagine. Susan Boyle’s loss was that she wasn’t prepared for success. Our losses are many and our challenges great. I encourage each of you to dream, dream realistically, but to be able to say, “I had a dream…”

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    We don’t always see life’s success stories and there are hundreds like this. Here was a gal of humble beginnings, initially thought to be developmentally challenged and was laughed at. She persevered at her dream and showed that the ‘Doubting Thomases” were wrong about her. We may not always succeed this well, but we should dream this big if we’d like. Find and follow your dream!

  2. When it is His will, goal, & dream~
    ‘We can do… all things …through Christ who strengthens us!’

    I am very thankful Annie that you have found “the good part” [Luke 10:42], despite the obstacles, hurdles, and challenges you face[d]. BEAUTIFUL!


    • “I am very thankful Annie that you have found “the good part” ” I wish I could say that that was true, but so many bad things have happened in lire-or not good things!-that I remain, a doubting THomas and religiousness is not my nature,, spirituality comes naturally. I consider my spirituality to BE my religion.

      • “Being confident of this very thing, HE who has begun a GOOD work in you, will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.” [Phil. 1:6]

        Annie… the Lord has used you in a mighty way and He will not end His work in you until the day He comes for you. And the best part for you Annie does not lie behind you, but before you…”YOUR BEST IS YET TO COME!” “GOD BLESS!”

    • Must have worked! He starts a job next Monday; not in his field, but if it works out…….Then today, I got some not-so-good news from my doc after labs. Kidney function isn’t good. I’m more than scared about that one! Annie

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