I did it, I did it!

womancrossingthefinishlineAfter countless hours of not understanding the directions even though I followed them to the letter, I finally succeeded…Oh forget it, Annie. Don’t try to pretend that you’re not at least 400% ecstatic and absolutely giddy at having mastered this skill without help!

Mastering a new skill not only makes me feel positively ironnlady-ish, it makes me feel better about all the times when I’ve not been able to do things I wanted to do because I have this invisible disease called lupus. I can’t go to baseball games or to graduations without scoping out the stadiums where they are held (beforehand) to find out if they can accommodate me. Because of this horrible disease called osteonecrosis which has resulted from the antipholsopholipid syndrome so common in lupus patients or from one of several other potential causes, I can’t get down on the floor to play-or just sit-with my dog. Even though osteonecrosis no longer causes pain, I’ll never run again, so any thoughts of doing another triathlon vanished.

But, WHAT A FEELING to know that there is a skill that I have mastered (I only hope I can reproduce it!) that many people haven’t mastered, let alone tried! But then again, would they have any desire to? Would they think it important enough to spend time trying to get it ‘right?’ Probably not.

But for right now, I’m positively giddy and I’ll take my 15 minutes of fame and enjoy the giddiness; not because you gave me permission, but because it is something that I ACCOMPLISHED and I ALONE DID IT!

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