How I destress

Yearly, we have a Labor Day trip; it may be 3 hours, or a week, but we get away to parts unknonw. This year, we toured the beautiful state of our home and I could tour and tour and tour and wouldn’t run out of things to see. Just getting away is the tonic that NO doctor orders, but after the events of the lst month, my husband and I BOTH needed to ‘get the heck out of Dodge!’

Yes, we had our phones and I, my computer, but we were out in the middle of nowhere with little to no electronic reception to speak of. Seeing some of the sights at Maroon Bells park near Aspen, Colorado and the bicyclists riding up passes made me wonder at their physical capabilities. Yes, I miss those days when I was in that kind of shape, but for the first time in a long time, I didn’t get wistful when I saw them.

I must admit to being a little teary-eyed at times when my husband jumped out of the car to snap a picture as he balanced on rocks and didn’t fall in! Then it hit me that that was NO LONGER MY REALITY and I was at peace for the first time in some time.

Here are a few photos we took that I put together in a slideshow. Enjoy your adventure and come and visit.

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