How can I be affected by lupus?

Because all immune activity is so varied and each individual's immune response is just that-SO INDIVIDUAL, responses to lupus may be so varied. Some people have activity and flares of this illness often or all the time while others rarely have flares. Often there is an identifiable trigger. In my case it's stress and I notice a direct correlation between those horribly achy joints, and stress. This video tells how various people are affected and the differences they may have in symptoms and triggers-and how their attitude makes a difference in their coping with this illness

About Lupus

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4 thoughts on “How can I be affected by lupus?

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    • The link between stress and disease cannot be understate. Your site is a perfect example and there needs to be more sites like yours and more posts of mine that acknowledge the connection between stress and illness and the mind and the body.

      • I’ve heard peploe say that! Lupus isn’t even the disease I had and it made me SO ANGRY. It’s ridiculous the things that healthy peploe think will fix us. Kind of like how Jenny McCarthy used to say that a gluten free diet cured her son’s Autism? Some of the things peploe say are almost humorous because they’re just so far-fetched.

        • Yes, there are crazy theories out there; and it is up to us to do our due diligence by going to the library or reading on the web and presenting whatever we have read to our doctors. It’s possible that some of these claims have merit, but we never know which have merit in which, from a snake oil salesman!

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