Healthcare from a patient’s viewpoint

For years, I was a healthcare provider and I saw ‘the system’ from thaviewpoint of a nurse, Now, the tables have been turned and I’m seeing the system from a patient’s perspective; and let me tell you, it isn’t all rosy.

Seeing healthcare delivery from the patient side really opened my eyes to the things patients complain about; A good example, Why did the aide not answer my call light as soon as I rang? Fair question.

The aides are spread so thin in their workload, that there is NO way they could meet the expectations of the least demanding patient. Fair statement; hire more staff is the easy answer. The problem is, hiring more staff means the outlays of more dollars, something that the healthcare budget lacks.

My PERSONAL favorites, “hun” “darling” “first name.” Let me tell you I’m no one’s “hun”  but my husband’s. I prefer the congenial first name for all patients, but there are those patients who DO NOT WANT to be called by their first names under any circumstances. After all, a good part of patient care is respect,..

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