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(PLEASE READ all of this article)When we have chronic illness, we need emotional support, right? Lauching today, “healclick.com”,” is more than a support group for those of us with chronic illnesses. You can get support for your chronic illness here, but the more sites that utilize or try 0ther methods of support, the better. At healclick, you enter your disease ( most of us with chronic illnesses have more than one), then enter our secondary disanoxix, Not only do others see this but professionals see pattern ands build research protocols.l build algorithms to see which diseases co-eexistl

Perhaps this video will explain it better than I can:



Our Story in 2 Minutes from HealClick on Vimeo

I’d encourage everyone with a chronic illness to ‘head on over to healclick.com’ not only for support, but when you list your other chronic illness, scientists can note and study relationships between this disorders. You aimpky go to healckick.com and follow the directions.


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