Has your medical device been recalled? Some used in lupus patients!

One of the very first things that many do when they find out that they have a disease like Systemic Lupus Erythematous, (SLE), is to look for more information about it. For example,” what are the symptoms, how did they get lupus, what might the treatment be, is there a cure or is it fatal or is it genetic.”

People recently diagnosed might ask questions like, “what will my future with lupus be?” The answers to these and other basic questions are all-to0 important, but in their haste and feeling fairly overwhelmed, many people who are recently diagnosed with lupus (or for any chronic disease)  forget to ask; and not all doctors offer comprehensive programs to teach.

There is a way, to get this information and that is from the American Recall Center. One of the first things a patient who has spent and the American Recall Center provides up-to -date information regarding the health and well-being of consumers around the globe.

In addition, the RecallCenter.com lists medical devices and drugs that have been recalled by the FDA, and educates on the many side effects that these medications can cause. You can view the latest information at: http://www.recallcenter.com/resources/. Find information on  your artificial knee or hip, tips about medications used in lupus and other autoimmune diseases; can be found in the Recall Center’s pages’



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