“Green Side of the Grass”

Well, I broke a promise; a New Year’s Resolution! This post and a few more to follow were to be clinical, informative and educational about lupus and other chronic illnesses, so we’d know what symptoms we might expect and more important: WHY we might expect them. Why certain symptoms manifest themselves in us and NOT in our friends who don’t have lupus- or an autoimmune disease-was to have been  a starting point.

But this morning,  a video found it’s way to my inbox and I had to share, considering the sharing kind of gal I am!  Sometimes, when we have a chronic illness, and I’ll venture MOST OF THE TIME, we take ourselves too seriously and never laugh over a situation that we CAN’T CHANGE. At least I do!

Laughter also causes the body to relax and  release it’s own natural pain killers, endorphins, so watching this video or whatever it takes for you to experience laughter, ought to be included in your daily routine. Is it?

My hobby is has been to regularly comb YouTube and other video sources and see what is on screen. Old television shows and movies are available and all it takes is a video of gut-wrenching laughter to make me feel better!

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4 thoughts on ““Green Side of the Grass”

    • Loopy, the MINUTE I received the lovely blessing, lovely and humorous, I knew that it belonged on my blog past; I’ve already had one reblog request.

    • I thought it was the right mix of practicality and spirituality; loopy sent it as a fun thing and I decided to make a post out of it; puts a lighter note on so much and puts it in perspective.

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