Good Hands All Year ‘Round

Ah, holiday traditions, getting together with family and friends, celebrating our faith, decorating, gifts, holiday parties or just letting out hair down. But, who in life has ever had the luxury of not having to plan and strategize our way through the holidays? “Don’t eat too much, don’t stay our too late. Do get enough rest, but enjoy the parties” goes my self-talk. Why is it that at such a festive time of year, we’re still planning and preparing?

The need to plan became evident to me today, when I saw the doctor for osteonecrosis. I asked what I thought was a perfectly normal question, “Do you have an idea when I’ll need to prepare for inevitable surgery?” Prepare for surgery? Other than the normal labs and rehab what other preparations are there?

Financial preparedness can and must never be ignored. How am I going to pay for all this? Well, thank goodness for health insurance, something spoken a lot of today. Insurers all over vie for your business, but Aviva is an insurer that truly has your wellness at heart, including many wellness and health maintenance benefits as standard. Check out these health insurance products from Aviva which may help you plan better! 

Another big preparation is emotional. My particular surgery would require fusion of the bones in the foot and leg bone. That’s a biggie. I’d have to learn to walk all over again. Up down, up down, no rolling my foot; that movement will never be physically or mechanically possible again. In addition, always planning to live near or on top of handicapped accessible walkways and public buildings.

In addition, always planning to live near or on top of handicapped accessible walkways and public building eliminates life in the mountains, but I’ll just have to adapt. Can I afford a scooter? I’ll also have to look into other disability aids. Begrudgingly I realized how much of my holiday season would be taken over by ‘coulds’ if I let them. Instead I chose to live in the present, be joyous and practice random acts of kindness.

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