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December 28, 2013

 There is a reason for my absence, and laziness isn’t it! Most often, it is first diagnosed in the hips, knees or shoulders; however, my osteonecrosis (ON) was first found in my ankles. Once it was found in my ankles, my other joints fell in lock step.  ON/Avscular Necrosis (AVN) can also find a home in the jaw, but that is the subject of another post.

The osteonecrosis in my left ankle became so painful that it contributed to much immobility and I knew too well (I’m a nurse) the hazards of immobility,not the least of which was weight gain. So, mid-October, my husband and I began the long drive to Chicago for an ankle replacement. I prepared mentally for this surgery and the lengthy rehabilitation that follows

During surgery, my husband was told that the ‘old’ joint was beyond repair, and it crumbled in the surgeon’s hand as he said, “I don’t know how she was walking on this.”

After surgery, I was not able to put weight on my ankle for SIX weeks, because the tissues had to accept the prosthesis and that process takes time.It was at that 6 weeks visit when the surgeon told me that I could take 3-4 transfer steps (from the bed t chair or commode to chair.)

The CT I have taken, at 12 weeks, will tell the surgeon how well the new prosthesis has stood up to the weight put on it during the time I put weight on it during transfer. I’m hoping for a good report that visit; he has said that I could return to my home in Colorado when CT scans show that I can tolerate the weight-bearing. More of my experience away from home and family for three months will follow in another post, but first a short video about the procedure: There are several types of prostheses that have been developed, mine is the INBONE:

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