Embrace Wellness

This year’s gift from me to you isn’t fancy and it doesn’t come wrapped up in a big box! Last year, I was unable to do much because I was nursing a shoulder that had just been replaced. So, to those who helped me out, I say THANK YOU and and EXTRA MERRY CHRISTMAS! But, this ‘gift’ comes with mixed blessings:

First the good. We are blessed to live in an area of the country where the scenery is more than beautiful; we’ve had our share of weekend get aways. You know the kind where you throw the dog in the car, pack a light bag and take off for parts unknown!

I forget about any stress I may be under when I’m in the beauty of Colorado or any other place. That’s how I ‘de-stress.’

Now, for the mixed blessings part; mixed blessings imply some good and some bad. The good I spoke of last paragraph. Now, I’ll allude to the bad. I’d be ‘joshing you’ if I said I wasn’t wistful when my husband and dog were able to get out of the car and run, and my joints and lungs required that I stay in the car; I’ll try my darndest to change this, but after 13 years, I’m not terribly optimistic.  However, the scenery is so beautiful, it was just the the tonic the Dr.ordered. I was still able to take some wonderful photos from the car (you thought Rey took them all?)

So, drowning myself in this beauty is one way in which I de-stress and contribute to my wellness. I’m sure we all have our own de-stressors; if not, that may be a New Year’s Resolution; NOT to think about doing; but TO DO! Play this video full screen, and in the words of Tiny Tim, “GOD BLESS US, EVERYONE!”

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2 thoughts on “Embrace Wellness

    • Thank you, loopy and again a special thank you for helping out last winter; you’d not know what was done to my shoulder THEN if you compared it to NOW! Those photos were all here in COlorado and Rey and I are quire amateur photographers. Phd (PUSH HERE DUMMY) is the kind of camera-wel, a little more sophisticated….

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