Down and NOT OUT

Lately, and I feel for good reason, I’ve been feeling sad and have had a tendency to feel sorry for myself. I’ve been 10 years without a 9-5 job, I’ve been sick most (if not all of that time), I’m had one pain or another and am going to have surgery due to lupus in a a bit over a week and my husband has been without work for a year.

I’m on Social Security Disability and with a disability income and my husbands NO income, we just manage. Thank goodness I’ve met my insurance out-of-pocket maximum, but we wtill need to keep up with those premiums, nearly $1000.00/ month.

I don’t suppose any of you can relate, RIGHT? In these times, what do we do, do we feel sorry for ourselves and accomplish ABSOULTELY NOTHING or do we take the big, bruised and definitely unfair lemons that life has given us; and make lemonade?

I prefer and try not to mope around the house with my aches and pains because that moping isn’t going to do anything productive. My moping is also not fair to my husband who is understandably depressed over his work situation.

Then, I think of all the people who possible don’t have insurance, who may  not have had spouses stick by them through thick and thin as I have. In some ways, I guess, I’ve had it rought. But, in other ways, I’ve been blessed.

Blessed with a chronic illness? Yes, blessed. Through having to deal with something chronically, something that penetrates to the very core of our being, realizing that it is a big part of your life, and on some days, IT IS your life

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