Don’t be overwhelmed by setbacks!


I was recovering nicely from my ankle surgery, Peak Performance, when my physical therapist advised, “That’s enough; your muscles are tired, let’s call it quits for the day; there is a law of diminishing returns” 

“Just one more:” It was I who insisted that I could do just one more repetition of the exercise. I was definitely improving from my ankle surgery and was in a hurry to see more progress and to see it faster! Unfortunately, I zigged when I should have zagged and put too much weight on the toes of my recently operated on foot. I could barely walk! No toe shoes in my future! Setback #1

So, I spent the next 7 days in bed. But, then I paid the price of having been in bed for those 7 days. My legs were so weak, I was so frail that you could have knocked me over with a feather, even though I did exercises in bed: Setback #2

Slowly, I started getting better from that weakness: You you guessed right if you queried, “What next?”  I was getting out of the tub one day and banged my toes of my good foot, aggravating several old fractures. Those bones, all my bones are so brittle from osteonecrosis: Setback #3. 

But, what do they say; one step forward, two or 3 steps backward? Well, add in the iscouragement I felt and suddenly we’re at: Setback #4. What to do? Wallow in self-pity? That won’t get me anywhere but Setbacks #5-6-7. I became determined to cut my losses and see setback #4 progress evtually to where I was and beyond. And if I should have another setback, I’ll know I posses the hutzpah and the grit to overcome! Life is too short! 


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