Do you believe today is the end of the world? Mayan’s don’t, either! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

It's not by accident that these past few posts haven't really been about lupus. They've reflect my feelings during the holiday season. I let myself drift from the clinical to the more whimsical! To me, the holiday season represents whimsy; in addition to a time to reflect on life, my faith, and give to others. Then, come January 1, as others honor their New Year's resolutions, I'll 'get back on the wagon again.'

The video below has NOTHING to do with lupus, nothing to do with chronic illness, autoimmunity, or nothing to do with ANY illness; so why do I include it? It’s a fun video that says that today might be the end of the earth: Some say that according to the Mayan calendar, there will not be a tomorrow, the earth has seen it’s day. Long live the earth, according to the Mayan calendar. Really? 

What say the Mayans, for it is their calendar from which we get this information? The Mayan empire is gone, but descendants of Mayans don’t believe that the world is going to end today.  In fact, many say a part of the ancient Mayan calendar broke off and the earth is here for a few thousand more years.

Never one to disagree with the Mayans,  I WISH YOU A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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