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No matter how hard you try, the fatigue or other symptoms of lupus prevent you from working and earning a living. How will you support your family? In 1935 President Roosevelt signed into law, what was then known as the Economic Security Act. Now known as the Social Security Act, this benefit is and was funded largely by payroll deductions to care for the infirm, the aged, and their survivors.

Social Security Disability is the portion of this act which provides for infirm or disabled citizens, provided they have been deemed by the Social Security Administration as disabled. However, to be eligible for benefits, you must meet requirements set forth by the Social Security Administration which are:

You must not be able to do the work that you did before,

The Social Security Administration must determine that your current medical condition prevents you from adjusting to other work

Your medical condition is expected, as documented by physicians, to last for 12 months  or to result in death.

The road to receiving disability benefits is long and there are many hoops to jump though as there ought to be. The government doesn’t have money to give to anyone who asks, but if you’re truly needy and persevere, you’ll be granted benefits. Here is a direct link to a non-profit organization which does nothing other than meed disability needs.


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