Defining lupus just got easier

How can you explain what lupus is and has the potential to do, in a bit over 2 minutes? It’s not easily done and so therefore, I rely on this video which I think tells it well, without fanfare, emotion or other distractions.

Usually, when I find people who want to know what lupus is (they’ve heard of it, and that’s about all), but occasionally I run across someone who genuinely wants to know, but doesn’t want an explanation with both barrels. I find this to be a LUPUS PRIMER and good resource for the new ‘lupie,’ so from time to time I’ll post it:

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2 thoughts on “Defining lupus just got easier

  1. Lupus? I think people are just sick lupus in the TV series House MD. your video is impressed. I remember how to House occurred to the problem when he was playing in a casino. terrible disease.

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