Day 7: Michael Phelps, tennis semifinals, women’s soccer

Day 7: Michael Phelps, tennis semifinals, women’s soccer.

I’d pay special attention to the video about the sprinter, Oscar Pistorius from South Africa. Why, we all know how exceptional Michael Phelps is and there’s no end to the commendations he deserves, but I can’t begin to comprehend the obstacles Oscar Pistorious has overcome.

Imagine the perseverance, the grit through years of rehab and special training, where it would have probably been easier to ‘give up’ than to persevere.

Well, Oscar competes in the 400 meter running race and the video below the article about him speaks of the hurdles he has overcome. Watching this gives me the chills. Even though handicapped, he makes the most of his disability and has dared “TO DREAM THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM!”

(Just an fyi, the video may be very slow to load!)

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