Not a cloud in the sky

Again, not a cloud in the sky: a benefit to Colorado living where we see the sun almost every day. The minute I grabbed my shoes, my dog knew my intent, whining as I as I got ready to walk. It’s not fair though; no sooner does she hear the rustle of the ‘doggy bag’ or the jingle of her leash than she’s ready to drag me!

Not me. I had to make sure I looked ever so perfect, was totally color-coordinated and lipstick was blotted. My teeth needed to be brushed; you never know what neighbor you’ll run in to… Like I suppose all dogs, she loves the hunt, but when she’ home, only wants to sleep again!

Now that she’s sufficiently tired out, Bella’s racked out and won’t probably be heard from for the rest of the day. I hate to think what would have happened had we ventured to the “bark park,” what I call the local Dog Park.

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One thought on “Not a cloud in the sky

  1. You are too funny! Getting all your makeup just right to take a walk. I am so low maintenance these days – find me more time and I will wear more makeup when I am just running out. I do find it really important to keep up my skin care, my hair and do minimum makeup or I look white as a ghost. Also, if I am taking care of my appearance, I am more apt to feel better about life in general. Hardest part of change into chronic illness is just not wanting to wear anything fussy clothing wise. I am tons more casual in my dress now than ‘before.’ Good thing I don’t live in a major city – and when I do go to them, I feel much like the country bumpkin never in the goofy shoes in style now, et all! Fact its, took me a year and a half, but I am starting to like the odd looking shoes now – just cannot wear the heals – so I stick with my ‘safe’ more euro looking shoes and safe 1″ Clark clogs!

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