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Every Saturday, let’s take a break from ‘science speak’ and talk about something else. After all, fewer people work and there are more people left to pursue idle gossip and chatter.

Over Labor Day, we gassed the car up and drove 2400 miles without much of an itinerary, but to see the Badlands, Black Hills, Mount Rushmore, and Devil’s Tower then a drive to the Black foot Indian Reservation, Ā Glacier National Park, Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.

We also saw inland lakes and meadows and I’ll include a short slide show. Suffice it to say it was beautiful and as the slides barely do what we saw in those few days, justice.

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  1. What happened to the option to follow by email widget? I don’t see anything but following your blog by RSS & in the WP ‘dashboard’ area.

    • As far as I know, WordPress changed their format. So, if you want to follow a blog, a little grey box pops up in the lower right hand corner of your screen. To follow a blog, you click on this. Personally, I like the old ‘layout,’ as I think more people are familiar. Thanks for your input!

      • Nice photos BTW! Love those trips with no itinerary and you just hang where ya want to. It’s fun to hit some little town that you both find kind of interesting, locate the local hang out for eats, read the local paper and really feel like you were ‘there.’ I will have a really long non itinerary trip for my 3.5 weeks post op when I get out of the hospital – only thing I won’t be able to drive – least not more then across the street maybe to the market. Last round I stayed too far away from everything to even try to drive. Doc ordered intermittent compression unit for me to have delivered to the Res. Inn for the first few weeks. He is really worried I am going to toss a DVT because my legs/feet/ankles have been really bad. The last readings we had for this duplex testing were far lower than ever before on the venous pressure readings. I have had at least 4 duplex ultra sounds in the past month because the legs are so heavy in the calves & those come back iffy. So we put me on Lovenox again. I am wondering how that’s going to go over with the surgeon when I hit the next pre op coming up in < 2 weeks. My main doc sent the surgeon a letter about consulting about sending me down via ground ambulance with heparin and maintaining that until 2 hrs before surg since it clears that fast when removed off it. Kind of freaks me as that was the protocol I as on when I had mastectomies and that's when I had the massive stroke coming off the table. Least that was the way it was charted – always seems ??? to me and my doc up here. We both know how if the surgeon is left OR like they always do before things are closed and you are wheeled off to RR – they don't ever want to show on the OR notes that you stroked then. I was in in RR more than 15 sec when the RR RN called a STAT code on me. Oh, my doc also has along with the pneumatic intermittent, also ordered a hospital bed be put into the REs Inn. He wants to start to alert my ins. that this might need to be purchased. Not a full hospital bed, but an adjustable sleep # bed. He's laying the ground work now.
        This box is not working – it's not scrolling down as I type. I have to manually arrow down to see what I am typing on the next line when it does it's word wrap.

        • We live so close to get away destinations in the mountains. It’s 9 AM and for all I know, this afternoon we could hop in the car and go for a whirl. Feels like we’re gone for a week; only a few hours; BUT REJuVENATED!

    • Kara, Thank you for your input; I found an old e-mail subscription page, put it back in. Let me know if you also get the address you need. I’m still trying to find that other box.

  2. Yuck – have not seen any of those gray boxes – I think I only have maybe 8-9 blogs I subscribe to that are on WP. I trimmed my blogs way back. I had not seen any changes to the other blogs I do try and visit just really fast to see what the new topic is. I never did get how my WP ID is beachgal12 but I can show up on some WP blogs as beachgal – it’s in my profile that my ID is beachgal 12 but the one that displays is beachgal. That only works on some – seems some have the first time I visited them, an option to log in with BG12 and then it would show BG – others nada. Really odd. I went looking all over for answers but never found any. So now there should be new books coming out on WP version XXXXXX50090 that help you figure stuff out that is not understandable by trial & error or just the help on line.

    Anyhow…seems I have been getting all the blogs from you I think. Not sure why you were not getting some to yourself. Check your webmail spam controls and make sure you don’t have anything blocked at all. I do that and my ISP still will make decisions without dumping things into the junk folder on line for me to look and tell them if it is or not. If I don;t look at my on line web mailbox – it dumps the junk mail in a few weeks. So I am trying to go there every few days. Odd – it will let one message from 1 addy through and then seconds later a message from the same addy is tossed to junk mail! Of course the IPS mail box has no way for me to report it – just a means for me to move it inside my own on line web mail box. It’s not until I get into Outlook that I have any ability in that program to say OK to an addy/domain as safe. Of course that never communicates backward with the ISP. That would be wrong way programming and gosh someone at the ISP would have to think and make a program way better than the one they have to collect info and try and run the mail correctly.

    Never did sleep. Dang!

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