Who’s the boss?

12274366_450369801812999_5403673269188056218_nThis photo struck me. It empowers me and I’m sure it will serve me well through flares or times when I may feel like giving up. What does it say that is so powerful? Lupus is a disease where my immune system, doesn’t attack cells that are foreign; MY IMMUNE SYSTEM ATTACKS ME.

So, what does it say. It says, “I”m doing the work around here and I’m one tough cookie, so don’t toy with me, don’t play with me and most definitely, think twice before you cross me. I wear the pants around here. TRY ME!”

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A little background here, but a just a little. I wasn’t aware until now that something I’d seen on the news that made me feel warm inside had become controversial. Apparently a contestant for Miss Colorado spoke about her passion for nursing in the talent competition-no bathing suit, but scrubs and a stethoscope.

Well, I thought, ‘how wonderful’ for when I practiced nursing, I felt so strongly that nurses should toot their own horns that I wrote articles in support of all that nurses do. Apparently, my beloved profession, which required so much knowledge and skill and I can practice no more, was trashed on “The View.”

Initially my reaction was vindictive, and “I’ll teach them,” “I’m was no handmaiden to the doctor,” “We’ll see about your bedpan!” Then, reality got to me, and I realized how teachable a moment this was. Teach Joy Behar that nurses are SO much more than “handmaidens” who borrow stethoscopes from physicians to look important. THEY USE THEM.”

This reminded me of an aritcle that I wrote years ago, entitled “Just a nurse.” I hope no one needs a nurse today, but if you do, they are there for you!

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Interview with Dr. Donald Thomas-lupus and Sjogren’s Syndrome

Comprehensive, yet easily understandable, this interview with Dr. Donald Thomas, M.D. discusses 27 secrets to living a better life with lupus and other and other autoimmune diseases. His book, “The Lupus Encyclopedia” needs to be in the library of every lupus patient.

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Magnesium Deficiency

Several weeks ago, I learned of the importance of magnesium in our diets when I had an extreme muscle cramping/twitching issue. Our bodies don’t manufacture magnesium; but it is essential for many bodily functions. It is used by the bones (approximately, half of the magnesium in the body is found in the bones). Magnesium also helps to control neuromuscular activities of the heart and helps to keep the heart beating regularly. It has many functions.
The video that follows, albeit 10 minutes long, explains the importance of magnesium in our bodies. Not only does Dr. Osborne explain the importance of an adequate amount of magnesium in our bodies, but he spends a good deal of time explaining the signs and symptoms of magnesium deficiency and why they ‘happen:’
To recap: some causes of magnesium deficiency
  • long-term stress
  • diuretics
  • diet
some manifestations of magnesium deficiency:
  • depression (treated with SSRI). (But SSRIs can result in other deficiencies which can cause depression!)
  • vasoconstriction which can cause high blood pressure and migraines
  • bone loss so hormone replacement like estrogen is prescribed (However, estrogens can cause further magnesium deficiency.)
  • muscle spasm, resulting in pain so we take NSAIDs.
  • increases thickness of blood (sludgy blood) so we are at an increased risk of stroke
We have to in treat the CAUSES of magnesium defieiency; not the SYMPTOMS
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More Than Fatigue?

Many have wondered what it would take for autoimmune diseases like lupus, Sjogren’s Syndrome or arthritis to be seen as more than ‘inconvenient ailments.’ Well, when Venus Williams withdrew suddenly from the US open tennis tournament, the sports world took note. The signs again; vague aches and fatigue. But as said in the following video, if you’re getting a full-night’s sleep and you’re still fatigued, talk with your doctor .

There are a few other well-knowns who suffer from autoimmune disease, like Toni Braxton and Nick Cannon. They’re making people aware of the more than 100 autoimmune diseases that strike mainly women, but Nick Cannon is testimony that this cruel disease knows no gender preference.


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Autoimmune Disease

The video following this is a 15 minute video, VERY informative, about how the immune system works in lupus and other autoimmune diseases. 



There are other other videos or explanations you can use to explain autoimmunity to family and friends.  Here is one which is only 3 minutes, but contains a lot of information aboutautoimmunity :



So, here are ways to explain autoimmunity to others; I bet the 2nd video will be used more often to explain autoimmunity to others because it is brief, but the first one ought to be reserved for YOU to explain in more detail for you.


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While writing another post, I came across this video, which, in 3 or so minutes speaks volumes about a lot about this disease:

 Support those who know no relief from this disease that can strike any place in their bodies:

You can help those ‘who don’t look sick’ and click the blue button below to be taken to the website of the

Lupus Foundation of America

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