SAVE THE DATE of May 13, 2015 6-7 PM CST

SLEncyclopediaPUT THIS DATE ON YOUR CALENDAR and REGISTER for a teleconference with Dr. Donald Thomas, the well-known author of “The Lupus Encyclopedia:” A Comprehensive Guide for Patients and Families.” The teleconference will be on May 13 and run from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM (CST). Dr. Thomas will discuss coping strategies that you or your family might employ which will help you live better with lupus, things you ought to learn about lupus, the importance of educating yourself about lupus and the importance of being a partner in your care with your doctor. Again, Register now for this teleconference as May 13 is fast approaching.



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Plan to raise awareness!

 This May, across the country and around the globe,, there will be seminars, classes, walks and runs to raise awareness of lupus. Many peyote have not heard of lupus, the disease our immune systems that we deal with daily, sometimes hourly.  If we don’t deal with it, it deals with us!! Right now, lupus is largely known as an orphan disease, because few people know if it, or what they know can be measured in a thimble.

Our goal needs to be to raise awareness of lupus, so people no longer assume (incorrectly so), that “you don’t look sick! We want to raise awareness, not so others feel sorry for our illness, but so that dollars are donated and spent on research; RESEARCH TO FIND A CURE!

So, even though this notification more than 4 months before lupus awareness month cthis May, there is no time like the present to begin planning for the future! Remember, we raise awareness all year long, 365/7, but there is a concerted effort and push made in May. Stay tuned to this and all lupus blogs and newspapers for up to date coverage and this year, BECOME INVOLVED.!

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I just hopped off the treadmill; what a difference 30 minutes makes: Hopefully there will be weight loss, less stress on my joints, more blood flow to my organs, decreased resting heart rate and decreased blood pressure after a time. I’ll experience increased energy and sense of well-being, better sleep that night because the body releases endorphins-its own pain-killers. That old runner’s high!
All of this because I decided to get on the treadmill? No. The release of hormones and neurotransmitters result in the changes that benefit me when I stop exercising.
Over time, blood pressure lowers, resting heart rate lowers, our heart increases its efficiency as a pump. Blood sugar in the diabetic decreases, while there is a decrease in cholesterol levels.
Besides the physical effects of exercise, think of the psychological effects as you lose the weight, also notice a decrease in anxiety and a decreasing of depression. Today, we won’t talk of how these things happen; but they do. Until next time, Annie
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