Bring Her Peace, Bring Her Joy

Who says we always have to speak of lupus or other autoimmune diseases? For this one post, I really need to diverge from my norm and I hope you will all join me as I pray for my religious mentor, recently diagnosed with cancer. “Dear Lord, I offer up my thoughts and prayers for my dear one and I know that in your grace, you will see fit to let her live through this journey of hers, which has already been strewn with health challenges. As a matter of fact, her whole family has faced challenges this year and last. Even when things were going rough for her, she was there for me. Please grant her the wisdom and grace and strength to feel better even though treatments have not yet begun. It is said that into each life, a little rain must fall; but it has been pouring in her life for years. I offer up my prayers for my online dear one, in Jesus name.”

 What follows is the audio of my favorite operatic tenor who sings a song from Victor Hugo’s “Les Miserables” The tenor is Alfie Boe who sings and he also prays for a boy. Well ,my dear friend is a girl and Alfie Boe sings, “Bring Him Home.” Well, we don’t want my friend to go home, but one of the verses is of bringing peace and bringing joy..My friends, please pray in the name of the Lord Jesus:


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