Autoimmunity in 3 minutes

Explain autoimmunity in HOW long? you’ve got to be kidding! It’s not too often that we’re asked about our lupus, so we ought to be prepared for the moment. Most people who want to know what lupus is, don’t want a lengthy dissertation on it. They want to know all there is to know in 3 minutes or less;  tall order!

I’ve posted this before but I keep running into it. on my computer. To me, the fact that I keep stumbling upon the video, is a sign of timelessness.and a sign that I ought to share it once again!

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3 thoughts on “Autoimmunity in 3 minutes

    • Cassandra, to be honest, I don’t know; however, the way the formats differ, this format runs on plugins. So, there’s probably a plug-in that I need to install for reblogging a post (there are gazillions of plug-ins to do just that). Let me investigate and see what will do the trick. Thanks for reminding me. Back to you!!

  1. Cassandra, I had the plug-in installed, but didn’t know how to use it! It’s a check box that I have to get in the habit of ‘checking’ but it’s now there.

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