Are you number 11,000?

Sometime this weekend, if my count is right, I’ll reach 11,000 hits! That’s what the firework display is all about on the right of my blog-to celebrate! It didn’t seem that long ago, that I was celebrating that 10,000 people had ‘been detected’ by my hit counter. That means that we’ve managed to touch the lives of 11,000 with lupus or other autoimmune diseases. 11000 people!!

Now, what’s left is to raise awareness of the many who haven’t heard of lupus (yes, they exist) or the people who have heard of it, but aren’t aware of the devastation that it can bring with it. We all know lupus can and is horrible. We all know the fatigue, the insomnia, the joint aches, the lung problems, the heart problems the potential for strokes that exist when lupus raises its ugly head. But often times, the public says, “But you don’t look sick!”

How many times have you been considered a bit slow, mentally? Yes, that hurts, but one of the symptoms of lupus is its effect on the brain. There’s also the rare development when lupus, as autoimmune, ‘attacks’ the nervous system, CNS lupus. Lupus can also attack the kidneys, resulting in the need for dialysis; this must be known.

It is to raise awareness of all the complications of lupus and to honor the many who have died because of this terrible disease. Where is someone to take up our cause? IS IT YOU?

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    • Eo; thanks for coming by!! I see that you’re catching up again on blog posts. That’s my afternoon list of ‘things to do!!’

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