Acknowledgements and thank-yous!

Today I woke to see that I’d been recognized as ‘blogger for the day’ by another lupus blog,  “Lupus the Adventure Between the Lines.”  Now, I’d always liked this blog and always followed the Benylsta infusion progress, and when I was able, made a pilgrimmage.’

But the operative phrase was, “WHEN I WAS ABLE.”  I don’t routinely go that extra mile, take that extra step to acknowledge another blog. I decided today, that I’d end that ‘practice’-or lack thereof!

Obviously, I’d like to thank “Lupus Adventurer,” who took action and brought my blog to the attention of others; but I’d also like to thank the person who a long time ago had faith that I could put together a word or two to make a sentence, and then a cogent thought to make an article; an editor from the past, Terri Metules RN. Terri and I no longer work together, but Terri taught me the basics of writing style (I had sytle?) and gave me encouragement that I could express myself in a way that was entertaining and still factual.

So, on this celebration of National Nurse’s Day, I honor two people, “Lupus Adventurer” and Terri Metules for very different reasons. Between all the readers and all the bloggers out there, we’ll beat this thing called LUPUS!!


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