A Major Error of Omission

Recently, it was brought to my attention that in my last post, there was a steroid that I didn’t include and one that should have! I could very easily justify my ‘goof’ by stating that I didn’t intend to list all them all. However PREDNISONE is such a big name, that it’s omission is tantamount to  writing an article that was to include ‘x,’ ‘y’ and ‘z;’ and writing about of all BUT ‘x,’ ‘y’ and ‘z!’

So, the corticosteroid list should include PREDNISONE! 😆 and I can’t blame my error of omission, on anyone but me. Thank you to my dear friend, Pamela, for bringing this to my attention 🙂

There was also a side effect missing that is noteworthy (I must have been tired as I wrote). Steroids, like PrednisoneTM, cause an increase in blood sugar which does not bode well for people with diabetes or for people who are trying to heal wounds  There is also a steroid-induced diabetes, gestational diabetes; so, despite the wonders that steroids can do, their benefits need to be weighedd carefully against their risks, and the smallest dose which will be effective, given.


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2 thoughts on “A Major Error of Omission

  1. I’m not sure if you covered it under potential side effects, but if so it bears repeating. Extended use of Prednisone is known to lead to a condition called either Avascular Necrosis or Osteonecrosis, which is essentially the eroding away of one or more joints which ultimately requires joint replacement. My wife, who has had lupus for many years, now has had both hips and both shoulders replaced. One of the shoulder joints has collapsed and was replaced last year with a reverse shoulder replacment. All due to AVN caused by Prednisone. If you have a choice, do not take this medication.

    • Hi Gary, it’s Annie. Oh, I know only too well about osteonecrosis. I moderate a drop on yahoo about ON and the stories I hear. I’ve got it in pretty much all of my jointsand had one knee and one shoulder replacement. I chose not to put it in, because, because I’ve written so many posts about ON and This Pure;u .

      How’s Robin?

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