WELCOME! I hope you are here to learn about lupus or other autoimmune diseases, learn what they are out of curiosity and not because you need information about lupus to support a family member or loved one who has lupus or you ave lupus. But, if the latter is the reason you have come, I have made every effort to assure that the information you find here is accurate.

Lupus Chronicles also address other autoimmune disorders because it is rare that one autoimmune disorder exists without another or in many cases, many more. If you are looking for specific information, you can use the search bar on the upper right-hand corner of this page, the tabs for the appropriate topic, or if you can’t find the information for which you’re looking, there is a CONTACT form you can access at the CONTACT tab and send a message to me and I will address your concerns or  consult with one of my medical advisors to answer your question as best as possible. However, it can’t be stressed enough that ANY information that is given here isn’t meant to replace the information you receive from the your doctor.

Look for a new addition to the Lupus Chronicles, a column/tab entitled the Professionals Place, in which various professionals will write articles discussing how they see lupus and other autoimmune disease affected in their specialty.

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