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How many of us cope with chronic illnesses and feel victimized as if there is nothing we can do? Surely, nothing can be done for us. As I read Dr. Berkelhammer’s work, I’m amazed at how he wouldn’t settle for the “I don’t know what this is.” He had so many bizarre symptoms with no clear-cut diagnosis. I’m sure many of you can relate to that predicament.

Many have the luxury of not having diagnoses made rapidly. On the contrary, Dr. Berkelhammer persevered for years until he received correct diagnoses. “In Your Own Hands” chronicles his journey and what he learned about himself, life and how a positive attitude can affect a change in his clinical symptoms.

Then, he had to find treatments for those diagnoses that were not at odds with the treatment for his other diagnoses. Right now I’m reading and in several weeks, I’ll publish a review of what, so far, is an interesting, captivating and motivating read.

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