Taking Control Over Your Lupus and Other Chronic Illness

In this previously run video, several steps towards managing your chronic illness were discussed. For the best results and for our sanity we should always:
1. be an active participant in our care. Not only should we listen to the doctor, but we should have a list of questions that we would like him or her to answer so that we can efficiently utilize the short visit we may have with him.
2. we should become organized; and by that I mean we should make sure that our friends and our family know what meds we’re taking, know what her diagnosis is, know where important papers are, just in case we are incapacitated and they need to speak for us.
3. We should focus on ways that we can help ourselves. If we find information during our search of the internet, we ought to share it with the doctor and see how accurate he feels it is. If he feels that it is accurate, we should share with their friends so that they can run it by their doctors and see if it is applicable to them.
4, We must maintain a positive attitude; this is possibly the most difficult of all but if our doctors and health professionals know that we try still be more likely to help those help ourselves.

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5 thoughts on “Taking Control Over Your Lupus and Other Chronic Illness

  1. Reblogged this on Health and the Human Experience and commented:
    Great tips and video from Annie of “Lupus Chronicles” on ways to “get in the driver’s seat” when living with and treating a chronic illness. The tenants of Patient Centered Care definitely shine through! Wonderful!

  2. Excellent piece and video! Patient self-advocacy is SUCH a key part of the treatment process. Keep up the great posts!

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