As it’s name suggests, my blog is about lupus and other autoimmune diseases. On occasion, I cover other health topics; but generally speaking, all the material you find here will be related to lupus and other autoimmune disorders.

Sometimes I’ll write about the emotions that people with chronic illnesses deal with, but more often than not, I’ll leave them to other qualified bloggers and website owners. The focus of will be deciphering some of the more scientific and deciphering some things your doctor may have said that left you: CONFUSED!! I will try to anticipate and shed some light on those unanswered or unremembered answers from your last visit to the doc.

Nose around and see what information you can find to benefit you. I feel the person best qualified to answer questions particular to you may be your physician.

Why is your doctor best equipped to answer some questions? He or she can do a physical examination, has your

Virus in blood – Scanning Electron Microscopy stylised

laboratory test results, knows if they could be affected by a medication that you take. In my opinion, by the time that you’ve been formally diagnosed with lupus or another autoimmune illness, your care should be managed by a qualified rheumatologist who keeps an open channel of communication with your primary care physician.

The immune system and autoimmunity in general can be pretty complicated. Before you browse the rest of my site, I leave you with this VERY short ‘YouTube’ video which sums up lupus and autoimmunity nicely:

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